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March 28, 2017


I've been looking for the perfect high street version of the balmain blazer thats been floating around for a while now, I've seen quite a few but nothing has come close to the real thing until now. if like me you save the big spends for bags, i definitely don't have the cash for a £1425 jacket just lying around...

I've been wanting to start high end vs high street themed posts for a while so what better item to start with than this!

below are the balmain ones, beautiful i know, and if you can stretch to that price tag then follow the links below and please note i am VERY jealous...

and here are the amazingly close high street versions, from +Miss Selfridge AND come in black and cream. they are without a doubt the closest high street versions I've found and with a price of £39 definitely a bargain.


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