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February 27, 2017


this post is all about a pair of jeans I've found in +H&M
nothing fancy, no really wild design, just one of the best fitting pairs of jeans I've EVER bought!
they come in a regular waist and a high rise. 
the regular waist is the style I've bought but i am seriously considering ordering every colour in both styles because the price is just far too good not to.
regular rise: £8.99
high rise: £12.99

i know. insane. 

they're not completely skin tight around the ankle, which i actually quite like because then you can wear them rolled up for a more relaxed look, and even the regular waist comes up quite high, which i love. 

the price, in comparison to my +Topshop joni jeans is AMAZING too. snap them up fast because my guess is they're going to sell out fast!


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