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February 16, 2017


so if you follow me on +Instagram (@sophszulc) you'll have seen how obsessed i am with fishnet socks at the moment. i really liked the look of fishnet tights under jeans that we've all been seeing EVERYWHERE recently but i kind of felt like i couldn't really wear that look. then i thought to myself why not just go for the sock version! 

So far I've been wearing them with trainers, flats AND heels and I'm yet to find a combo they don't work with. they are honestly my favourite addition to an outfit currently.

i'm SO glad i happened to see them in +H&M while looking at all of their shoes! the ones i bought were a two pack and came with a black pair and a nude pair, i love the nude too but currently am wearing the black more, they were only £6.99 a pack so stock up, before i buy them all!


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