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January 30, 2017

2017 eyebrows... Anastasia Dip Brow VS Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil

So i decided after reading a vogue article about how doing this poor woman's eyebrows had taken over her life, i completely felt her pain and decided i too wasn't going to let it take up so much of my time in the morning! therefore I've gone from using my +AnastasiaBeverlyHills dipbrow pomade to using a simple little +RimmelLondon eyebrow pencil!

its the one thing in my makeup routine that never changed and took FOREVER to get done right.
as much as i love the dip brow and totally raved about it, because it is incredible and literally doesn't move all day, now my brows have grown out (as much as they're ever going to) i can use a pencil and jut fill in a few areas, it still lasts all day AND takes a fraction of the time!

heres what i was using, and now what I'm currently using because if you're anything like me you love a bit of eyebrow inspo:


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