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September 05, 2016

manchester spend up...

hi guys, 
so i recently went to manchester and had a little spend sesh while we were there, because why wouldn't i?! we had so many yummy brunches and A LOT of walking because as far as my brother and his partner are concerned everywhere is 'a five minute walk'...

there's also a +Missguided concession in +Selfridges so as you can imagine i loved that.
of course its mainly pink hues... i hope if you're feeling a bit stuck for ideas because of this stupid change in weather that this helps a little. I'm pretty happy with being back in hoodies and jeans to be honest.

i actually bought my first raincoat today, an amazing +M&S find from the tail end of their sale which both mum and i ended up buying. matching as usual! check my instagram for photos soon to come.


Sorry I Can't Link This! Primark

 Also Primark


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