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May 20, 2016

Its All In The Details...

Hi guys! 
i thought i would share with you my amazingly beautiful birthday present from my wonderful mum. mouthful i know but when you see this bag you will understand... my birthday isn't actually until the 29th but we were in +Harvey Nichols for their special 30% off event and they literally had THE bag. it was a opportunity both me and mum knew couldn't be missed. ha!

while I'm at it i thought i would show you a couple of other things i bought while we were in knightsbridge which funnily enough all work as a great outfit with the beautiful bag...

jeans from +Forever 21 and are literally the best high waisted boyfriend jeans I've tried! the link to those is HERE.
you can't actually see it but I'm also wearing a blush pink (almost the same colour as the bag) long sleeved v-neck body suit also from +Forever 21. i can't link you to that because it doesn't seem to be on their website but there was plenty in the shop.
and of course you all know my trusty +adidas Originals 80's rose gold superstars. still absolutely loving these.

now the bag, I'm sure lots of you know this bag well, but for those of you that aren't as familiar its a +Givenchy antigona bag in medium (the bigger size) its in a blush pink with silver hardware and silver studs on the front.

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