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May 01, 2016

Getting My Wardrobe Ready For Heat...

hi guys!
so this bank holiday weekend i have decided (only since checking the weather for next week, have you seen we might be getting up to 20 degrees?!) that I'm going to pack away all my very wintery clothing, and un pack all my warmer weather clothes... like my cream dungarees! god I've missed those oh so much!

also, i know its going to take me most of my bank holiday Monday, and with 4 children and one husband running around in between, but i desperately want to have a ruthless clear out too! I'm expecting quite a few bags of clothes i no longer want and wonder why i even bought.

the reason for this major clear out is i feel like the past year my style has changed and settled into what i feel like will basically be the kind of things I'm into, rather than constantly changing with the trends. its actually such a relaxing thought, and god knows its easier to decide what to put on in the morning when theres actually LESS to choose from.

i'll keep you all posted on how i get on, and I'm hoping to post some of what i think will be some of my favourite warmer weather outfits... so far anyway. I'm not thinking about giving up shopping or anything guys don't panic!

lots of love

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