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May 08, 2016

favourite summer looks...

hi guys! 
this is a post on what my favourite looks for summer are. i feel like my style has changed quite a lot since last summer, and i know trends change and thats just how it goes but i really feel like i just wasn't wearing the kind of things that suited my body before so now i feel like i have a much better idea now of what styles suit me best, better late than never i suppose! (my god guys, I've just got long nails back after having not had them for so long and i literally cannot type its a joke) ha!

back to what i was saying about my previous summer wardrobe, so if you're in the u.k. you know how much of a mini heat wave we've had, because of this i've pulled out all of my summer clothes from last year (which i always pack away at the end of summer due to not having enough wardrobe space!) so i was going through it all with shaun basically while he watched pointless videos on Facebook pretending to be interested, ha. i just got so ruthless and decided i hated basically ALL of it! there was just so many colours and patterns and i literally couldn't cope, it had to go! i kept a few pieces which is what I'm going to try and find some snaps of, and I've seen some other pieces recently which i think will replace everything I've got rid of! i have 1 bag with summer clothes in and its mainly just crop tops, and denim shorts. summer staples obviously!

these are some snaps of what I'm loving for summer this year and hopefully in the years to come #smartpurchase #iwish

+Topshop long ripped jeans which unfortunately i think went into sale last year and i can't seem to find a link to them anywhere, but i do know that zara have a really similar (almost identical pair) at the moment if you're after them. heres a photo of me in the shorts, you know how much i love +Kylie Jenner and this was totally inspired by her, and lets be honest when it comes to denim the more rips the better! how much do you guys love the teddy bear +Moschino case?!

this dress is a recent purchase from +New Look and HERE is the link to it. i love this dress, its such a beautiful floral print that isn't too loud or bright. perfect for me and i think it really suits blonde hair because of the main blue colour of it:

okay so this is clearly the +Rihanna for +PUMA rihannaXfenty fluffy sliders, i literally need these in my life! I'm sure you guys have seen them all over insta (including mine) but i just think these are so cute and fun, and will look so sweet with shorts or jeans, even really baggy flared ones like how riri has worn hers recently. god that woman is just a such a national treasure isn't she?! but also have you guys seen the sliders around at the moment that almost look like a feather boa stuck along them? I'm loving those too, obviously. i wish i could link you somewhere to buy these but unfortunately not. get in touch if you have a pair you want to give me though... ;)

now its no secret that these +adidas Originals superstar 80's shell toes (rose gold toe) have been literally my favourite trainer ever at the moment, they look so lovely with any outfit and i always get compliments when i wear them. someone actually said to me the other day "you could star a fire with those shoes!" now I'm not sure if that was meant as good or bad but to me thats a win. these shoes are honestly stunning and you can find them HERE. i originally got mine from +Harvey Nichols but they've sold out online, so be quick, looks like they're selling out everywhere!

generally speaking, I'm still loving everything tonal, and not lots and lots of prints and patterns, thats a great look for some, but i think from now on ill be keeping things slightly more understated... says the girl in the rose gold trainers with fluffy slippers on the back burner. ha!

lots of love,

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