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April 30, 2016


hi lovelies!
so this post is all about my idea of an investment piece. its only recently I've been thinking more of pieces of clothing or accessories like shoes and bags as something to invest in. i blame tumblr and +Instagram  all these photos of people with perfect makeup and +Givenchy bags are making my bank balance hate me!

so i decided as an early birthday present i want to buy some +KanyeWestVEVO +adidas black yeezy boost 350's. to me, they're a go with anything, stand out BEAUTIFUL investment piece and the more i saw them the more i wanted them! always thinking of things i had in my wardrobe that i just kept thinking 'they would look so good with the yeezys!' it comes to a point where you can't let thinking about an item of clothing take over your life, so i either had to forget about them altogether or i have to buy them.

back to my point of investment pieces, i don't know about you guys but i have grown up in a family where my parents have always been really into antiques in general, and so were my grandparents, so part of the draw to all these things was the thought that one day they would be worth a lot of money to ether themselves or in years to com to us, myself and my brothers.

i feel like these days the equivalent to that is iconic pieces by major designers, whether you think they're iconic and not many others do yet, or if they're already something major. just like how when you go in to +Liberty London you can visit their vintage handbag area and take in all the beautiful designs that have been made over the years, and its clear that those things are only going to become more valuable as time goes by.

so basically guys, if you're looking for a chat with someone to make you feel totally fine about the big purchase you're about to make... here it is! go ahead, because thats your inheritance to your children, ha! not to mention my family is the worst for stopping you from making any such purchase, we all encourage each other because we're all mad shopaholics!

on that note, happy spending on the pay day bank holiday! ;)



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