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April 10, 2016

Nude Moment Continued... trainer obsessed!

hi guys! 

following on from my last post, my other obsession aside from nudes is... SHOES! much like many others, i am shoe OBSESSED. i definitely think thats what i tend to buy the most of and always gravitate towards, much to my bank balance's disappointment. ha. 
more than anything its trainers i buy the most of, so i thought i would share my current favourite trainers I'm wearing at the moment, along with the +adidas Originals suede and rose gold shell toes which haven't actually arrived yet but i know when they do i'll be wearing them practically every day, so they're allowed on here aren't they? ;)

(i know these are currently out of stock but there are tons more similar and I'm really hoping they'll be back in stock soon!)

hope you like my current favourites guys!
let me know what your favourites are on Twitter and Instagram


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