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March 14, 2016


hello lovelies,
i thought i would let you know about an amazing dupe I've found, which i actually mentioned in my last post all about my current beauty favourites. anyone who wears false lashes frequently may have already seen this, however as i don't because i am completely useless at putting them on, i only recently found this product, as it can be found right next to eye lashes of the same brand. that brand is +eyeLure Boutique! i know! i had no idea they did eyebrow products too! 

The eyelure product i am swearing by at the moment is described as a 'tattoo like' pen with a wide end and a very slim paint brush style end. this really does last a good few days and that includes a session at the gym!

If like me you have been desperately searching for something hughstreet you can buy that will last all day on your brows without fading like many pencils and powders, then this is something i really urge you to try! you won't look back i promise!

I know wunderbrow isn't madly expensive to some but i do think when theres something very similar out there for a fraction of the price, you should be made aware! 

I've popped in some photos just so you know what to look for, along with the price for wunderbrow and the price for the eyelure pen. 

Eyelure brow ink: £8.45 currently stocked in larger superdrug stores.

Wunderbrow wand: £19.95

i hope you found this post helpful guys!

lots of love, soph x


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