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February 20, 2016

Beauty Staples

hi guys! 
Sorry its been a while but we've had offers to new schools for the children, along with it being half term and me catching Ewans cold i feel like i haven't had a moment to myself to even think about my next post let alone write one! 
I've decided id like this one to be about my current beauty staples. (things i am using literally every day without fail).
the reason for this is i have aways felt, since I've really got into makeup and what works for my skin that i have really felt like it looks good and is lasting, HOWEVER since I've changed my foundation and concealer I've had so many complements on how it looks, so i thought i would share with you my routine of the basics...

i always start with my every day nivea moisturiser.

then i go on to use my +Estee Lauder  Matte Primer, which i apply with a +realtechniques brush.

i then apply my +Estee Lauder double wear foundation with another +realtechniques brush.

i then go on to use my +Estee Lauder double wear concealer, which i apply with a slightly smaller +realtechniques brush.

i then set my makeup with my +LauraMercierCosmetic translucent pressed setting powder, which is so light i absolutely love it. (I'm obsessed with my makeup looking as matte as possible, with highlight of course!).

the final thing i use skin wise daily is my +Urban Decay Cosmetics maker flushed palette. the highlighter in this is AMAZING. wish it was bigger in the palette!

now, the final staple piece is something I'm so glad the girl at dior suggested i try, its a little pricey but we all know how important a perfect brow it, and this eyebrow pencil is literally the closest i have ever come to feeling like I'm almost 100% happy with my brows nearly every single day! the brow pencil is called Dior Show Brow Styler. 

now, these cosmetics are just what works for me and obviously they won't be perfect for everyone, but seriously go and have your makeup done at a few counters in department stores and you'll soon find your staples!

Sophie xx

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