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January 21, 2016

School Runs and Pamper Days

So today we were a little late on the school run! I then had to rush off to the shops and get a couple of birthday presents for Ewan (7 next week!) the Rush was due to the fact that I thought I had a hair app at 12, turns out its at 8pm!

I took Gucci out for a stroll once I was home, then rushed out for a nail app!
I usually have biosculpture, which is a little bit like shellac but is supposed to last longer, it wasn't lasting on me though, I suppose because of the constant washing etc I'm always doing! So I've gone back to acrylic extensions but this time it's a new way where they sculpt your extensions themselves rather than using false tips, I love them but it did take a little longer, so I ended up going back once I'd collected the boys from school so they could paint them! 

I went for matte grey by the way, i am seriously loving anything grey at the moment, along with this beautiful mug i couldn't resist buying in sainsbury's yesterday! i may have to go and buy the full set while they're in the sale!

Enjoy the photos and check out the clamp they use to curve the nail! 

Soph x 


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