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January 26, 2016

my lovely husband treats me!

hi guys! 
so for a while I've been speaking to shaun about wanting a new camera and a tripod etc to be able to film on and take some nicer quality photos! i do have my big dslr but its just so big and bulky and i can't always carry out that huge camera! 

i went for the canon powershot SX610. after reading quite a few reviews and speaking to lots of people in all the camera shots it seemed like this would be the best one to go for if you're just starting out with filming and had a budget of around £100. 

i was told it would be the simplest to get the hang of using and i had also said id quite like to stick with canon as my dslr was canon, i also remember a photography tutor at school once telling me if i wanted to have a true colour in my images before they were edited and not a stronger false colour then canon would be the one to go for! i suppose all that just stuck!

I've only had a fiddle around with the camera this evening but it seems like its going to take some really lovely quality photos, and is definitely very easy to use! i really love how it can connect wirelessly to your phone, that way i can upload straight to +Instagram or +Twitter if i want!

the actual cost of this camera was in the sale for £99, previously £129 and before that i think it was £170, so a really good deal if, like me, you're just starting out and just want something easy to use but still great quality. 

hope this was helpful if you're looking into buying a new camera, let me know if anyone else has this camera and what they think of it! i now can't wait to catch up on some +SACCONEJOLYs in bed in my pjs, night guys!

soph x

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