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January 23, 2016

Food Diary Day

So today I decided I'd do a bit of a food diary day as its Saturday and there's actually been time for me to have breakfast this morning! 

Breakfast: porridge with crunchy nut mixed in (so yummy) and lots of cinnamon on top and a cup of tea, obviously!

Starbucks break with the kids: skinny hazelnut latte

Lunch: organic sour dough we bought from the farmers market this afternoon with scrambled eggs.

Snack: glass of wine and some chilli crispy thingys with the kiddies and Shaun

Dinner: will be fish and chips from the amazing chip shop near our house, haven't actually got it yet though so can't post a pic! 

Enjoy your Saturday guys, has it been healthy or not so much, a bit like me! Ha! 

Soph x 


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