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January 30, 2016

Ewans Birthday Part 2

hi guys! Another busy day for Ewan's birthday!
first thing this morning one of the guys who works for us came to work on the house stripping all the wallpaper from our bedroom (bedroom still in a complete state) and we had another guy come to open up our fireplace so we can have a log fire! 

we then had to race off to drop off erin at gymnastics and the boys at their first week of karate! which now means that every Saturday morning EVERYONE is at a club so, shaun and i went for brunch! it was so lovely to spend a bit of downtime just us and boys absolutely loved karate!

after we collected everyone from their clubs we then popped to sainsburys to get a few bits for ewans friends coming over. once we were home and ewans friends arrived we then took them all to 'jump in' which is a huge trampoline park near us. they absolutely loved it, especially as ewans friends had never actually been to anything like that before! 

this evening we took all the children out for dinner to pizza express and ate lots of chocolate cake. everyone is now it bed watching films and shaun is carrying on working in the bedroom! i am completely shattered and ready for bed! I'm having to do everything in my power not to watch +Anna Saccone  and her new spring clothing haul, i cannot do anymore shopping, seriously!

hope you're all having a lovely weekend, 
Soph x


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