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January 29, 2016

Ewans 7th Birthday

So, Ewan turned 7 today!
we've just got home from having dinner with my lovely mum for swans birthday, most of the time he spent glued to his iPad, and as he only got it this morning we will allow it! 

when i first met shaun Ewan was only just coming up to 2 years old, running around and not really saying much, now it feels like he's basically a young man, ha! he's grown into such a lovely little character and we're so proud of him. he adores all his presents (he's been spoilt rotten the lucky thing!) heres a few photos from this morning before the rush of the school run. 

I've had a face mask on for the last 20 mins when it should have only been on 10 so i better go... haha. 
enjoy the post, bring on the next birthday! 

Sophie x


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