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January 22, 2016

busy boring things day!

hi guys! 
had one of those days today where it was busy but only with things you have to do and don't necessarily WANT to do! started off with the rush rush school run, obviously, then gym with mum and i feel so tired now so it must have been a good sesh! 

after that popped into town to run some errands and grab a coffee before i literally stopped functioning. (might have snuck in a slice of banana loaf too) ;)

had a look at the school shoes in clarks for the kids, I'm sure soon enough they'll be needing new ones... might have bought myself some sale boots but when my camera arrives next week I'm thinking of doing a January haul video! youtube channel: sophie szulc.

then rush rush back to the school to collect the boys and basically ALL afternoon since we've been home from the school run I've been trying to sort out all the kids passports for our next holiday in may! (i know cutting it fine!) as they have all ran out! 

I'm now about to get dinner on and put the kids to bed early with a movie and have a nice relaxing evening as shauns going to be working late tonight! also not long ago i found out i needed glasses so ordered some with my prescription in from glasses direct, i literally love them! what do you think? 
enjoy your evening guys,
soph x

how cute is gucci literally trying to hold my hand! ha!


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