Monday, 12 September 2016

current coat wishlist...

heres a few of my favourite winter coats currently in the shops and online! I'm starting with this amazing shearling parka by Mr & Mrs Italy which can be found in +Selfridges. however if your budget doesn't quite stretch to £2,810 much like myself, then I've linked some quite similar styles. enjoy... Sophie x

Monday, 5 September 2016

manchester spend up...

hi guys, 
so i recently went to manchester and had a little spend sesh while we were there, because why wouldn't i?! we had so many yummy brunches and A LOT of walking because as far as my brother and his partner are concerned everywhere is 'a five minute walk'...

there's also a +Missguided concession in +Selfridges so as you can imagine i loved that.
of course its mainly pink hues... i hope if you're feeling a bit stuck for ideas because of this stupid change in weather that this helps a little. I'm pretty happy with being back in hoodies and jeans to be honest.

i actually bought my first raincoat today, an amazing +M&S find from the tail end of their sale which both mum and i ended up buying. matching as usual! check my instagram for photos soon to come.


Sorry I Can't Link This! Primark

 Also Primark

Friday, 22 July 2016


Its no secret public desire is one of the best sites to get the latest shoe trends at really affordable prices, so I've put together a list of a few of my favourites. they also always have discount codes going on so check that before you place your order too! Also at the moment if you sign up to their mailing list you'll get 20% off your first order... you're welcome ;)

Sunday, 12 June 2016


hi guys! so its been a busy few weeks! we have a run of birthdays this time of year, including mine (29th may) so its been a bit crazy! but during all the craziness I've had time to collect a few serious favourites i am loving right now, including but not limited to my garden, and shoes in true sophie style ;)
we'll start with my garden, mum and i have spent basically the last few weeks getting my garden sorted and when i say we i mean mostly her. my mother really is an absolute star. we've gone for this rockery feel across the back of the garden and I'm in love with it all!

this is a crochet bodysuit from zara and its AMAZING. i'll obviously post some pics on my instagram whenever i wear it next. it was £19.99. HERE is the link to it.

this is a baby blue off the shoulder top from +H&M and it was only £7.99! originally it also had some spaghetti straps on it too but i found they just got in the way so i snipped them off. HERE is the link to another off the shoulder top +H&M are doing online in lots of different patterns! so annoying they don't have this one online but i bought this in store a little while ago so they might still have some!

now this jacket is so amazing, don't you agree? i first saw this on another blogger and couldn't believe how lovely, and also expensive it looked! to discover it was boohoo and it was only £18 was shocking! HERE is the link to that one.

these shoes are actually from last summer and i bought them then because i saw my friend aimee in them and thought they were so cool i had to get a pair. (copy cat i know) but she's my girl so its fine. they came in black too. HERE is the link to some with a black sole, thats the closest i can find from the same +BIRKENSTOCK papillio range. that means the shoes are birkenstock, but they have papillio put the soles on which is why they have this raised trendy flatform.

this is a recent purchase but i can tell its going to be something I'm reaching for every day. i actually saw this while looking at the makeup counter while i was doing a food shop. its a +BourjoisUK cream to powder formula EYESHADOW in the shade generose. i have actually been using this as a highlighter, and its honestly amazing. like up there with +BECCA Cosmetics champagne pop! so if you love those highlighters but can't quite justify the price then these would be perfect. this was £6.99 and HERE is the link to that from +Superdrug.

this brand for shampoo and conditioner has been my favourite for a while now and the whole range is so good but this is what I'm currently using. i feel like this is a great one to use if you bleach your hair, or your hair isn't in great condition. i can't find anywhere to link this for you because they don't sell it in +Superdrug or +Boots UK but i always get mine from +Sainsbury's, so if you have one near you pop in there.

this is something i feel like anyone struggling to grow their hair NEEDS in their life. even if you don't need it to grow but you can never find a good leave in conditioner this is the one for you. i put this on in the shower after I've washed it but before i condition it (like it tells you to) and leave it for about 5 minutes. when i get out of the shower and brush it i literally have to put no effort in whatsoever, which is a big change from how knotted it was at the ends before. this usually goes into offers in boots so keep an eye out. HERE is the link to that. theres also a whole range of shampoo etc. but i haven't tried those yet, let me know if you have, and let me know if you've got any major favourites from this month!

Love, Sophie 
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